Evan James is a place where Americana meets indie. His music features a blend of moody acoustics, vocals brimming with character, and a touch of punch. Drawing inspiration from Bob Dylan's lyricism, Jeff Buckley's emotion, Leonard Cohen's introspection, Ryan Adams' rawness, and James Bay's style, Evan James delivers a musical experience that resonates deeply. 

Based in Denver, CO, Evan James’ musical journey began when his brother gave him a burned Bob Dylan CD at 16. Picking up the guitar, he started crafting songs of his own. Over time, these songs began to delve into the intricate dynamics of relationships, capturing both their highs and lows. For Evan James, writing is not just personal; it’s an empathetic exploration, like stepping into characters to unearth universal truths. 

Every lyric is a bridge to connect with listeners, evoking shared emotions and perspectives. Evan James' self-produced songs undergo an iterative process of creation and sharing, honing the authenticity that resonates with audiences. In each note and verse, Evan James aspires to broaden horizons and foster empathy, inviting listeners to step beyond their own realities and experience the world through music.

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