Evan James is an indie Americana singer songwriter based in Denver, CO. As a songwriter James employs introspective lyricism, strong hooks, and refreshing candor to shed new light on the classic themes of love, loss, family, and heartbreak. Drawing equal influence from Dylan and Leonard Cohen as the Lumineers and Ed Sheeran, James continues the tradition of the song as the fundamental medium discussing things simple and essential. 

His live performances feature upbeat Americana pop originals. As a performer, James makes every show a break from the normal. Bringing his smoky vocals and a wide array of anecdotes, James finds a way to connect with audiences through the magic of beat and melody. The beat is provide by his percussionist, Chad, who manages to string together a whole host of toys including djembe, shaker, tambourine, and many others to provide a full rhythm section all his own.

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