Home is a loaded word. The adjective that you instinctually place in front of it will tell a large part of your story - stable, broken, loving, haunted, empty. The roses and skeletons of our past are not easily left behind. Evan James has found these themes as inescapable as the rhythms and melodies he compiles to produce songs. At its best, music can pull out the feelings we are not prepared to express. Perhaps, the tune distracts us just enough to allow our guards to be dropped. 

For his first single, James ignites a fire in the heart of the listener with a thumping acoustic guitar-driven anthem and lyrics meditating on the timeless story of a home coming.

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"What would we have if we were only what we've been?"


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Evan James

Evan James is a versatile singer songwriter based in Denver, CO. He performs routinely either with a his three piece electric trio or acoustic sets depending on the venue. His live performances feature a mix of original works and classic covers. As a songwriter James employs introspective lyricism, strong hooks, and refreshing candor to shed new light on the classic themes of love, loss, family, and heartbreak. Drawing equal influence from Dylan and Leonard Cohen as John Mayer and Jeff Buckley, James continues the tradition of the song as the fundamental medium for the discussion of things simple and essential regardless of the musical setting. Meanwhile, his covers display a tasteful selection of the standard repertoire of American classics uniquely reinterpreted.

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